VHT History

In 1995, Mark J. Williams had an idea that would revolutionize waiting on hold. His innovation would change the way customers and companies interact forever. VHT Callback has shaped the contact center industry, and placed VHT as the market leader in customer service technology.

In 1991, Mark started his own company, Professional Services, Inc. (PSI), to provide call center outsourcing and consulting services. Here, Mark realized the need for a virtual queuing solution to address problems that plagued the industry. High call abandonment rates and long average handle times cost companies money and customers. As a result, VHT Callback has literally saved thousands of years of customer hold time.

Out of the need to reduce customer frustration, save on toll free number charges and improve workforce efficiency, we built a product and began marketing it to customer-focused enterprises all over the world, who shared these call center challenges.

Our “Hang up and we’ll call you back when it’s your turn” approach was unique. We patented the idea (US 6,563,921 & 6,754,334) and coined the term “virtual queuing,” in order to distinguish it from the current callback technology that provided little benefit to customers. Why was the current technology so inefficient? Two reasons:

  • Callback technology that made return calls after the peak call volume had ended (also called valley callback) was horribly inconvenient for the customer and reconnection rates were poor.
  • Callback technology that called back in the exact time quoted (count down callback) forced calls to agents when they weren’t ready.

Only VHT Callback with its TruQueue™ virtual placeholder technology saved the caller’s place in line and called them back when it was their turn, and maintained full routing integrity.

Thanks to VHT Callback, customers didn’t have to wait on hold any more. They could get a callback when it was their turn, or schedule a callback when it was most convenient for them. It revolutionized customer service, and now it’s becoming the industry standard for call centers worldwide.