Virtual Hold Technology Is Now VHT

When our company began over 20 years ago, we established ourselves around the idea that customers should not have to experience the frustration of waiting on hold for an agent to become available. With the development of our first product, VHT Callback, we reshaped the contact center industry. As the creator of virtual queuing technology, the name Virtual Hold Technology was a natural fit.

Now, in 2018, the industry has expanded, technology has advanced, and we have transformed from a callback company into a company focused on optimizing the customer experience. In light of this, we are also transforming Virtual Hold Technology into simply VHT. Along with this change comes our new website address:

Our Mission

VHT redefines the customer experience by providing innovative solutions that transform customer relationships.

VHT Callback, our virtual hold product, is still a very important part of our company, but it is only a portion of who we are as a company today. With the development of digital solutions like VHT Digital, our reach goes far beyond alleviating hold time. Our solutions help organizations optimize entire customer journeys, across all channels.

We are excited to update our branding to match the excellent and innovative work that our team has been doing in recent years, and we look forward to continuing to provide the customer experience industry with solutions that create happier customers, happier agents, and more successful brands.

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