Boston RMV Kicks Off 2014 With VHT’s Callback Service

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Back in December 2013, the average wait time when calling the Boston Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) was 21 minutes and 21 seconds. That’s a long time to wait to speak to a human, and the folks at the Boston RMV agreed. That’s why at the start of 2014, the organization rolled out VHT’s Conversation Bridge, enabling callers to choose a callback option instead of waiting on hold. After choosing to be called back by a Boston RMB representative, callers are given an estimated call time before hanging up and getting back to their lives.

Boston RMV Registar Celia Blue provided the following statement to the Boston Globe:

“With the introduction of these new amenities, we are able to hear the customer’s needs and save them time by returning their call when a customer service agent is free.”

Here’s the Conversation Bridge announcement on Twitter via Boston.com:

And it looks like RMV customers are thrilled by the new callback option:

Thank you, Boston RMV for choosing VHT to improve the customer experience. We look forward to serving your customers.

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