Bridging the gap between self service and the people who can help

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Today’s customers use mobile devices and laptops to access self service applications that allow them to accomplish a wide range of tasks, in­cluding making a reservation or a purchase, accessing entertainment, navigating, enrolling, banking, learning and investing as well as sharing an opinion, a video or a message. The devices connecting them to these applications, through chan­nels such as websites, social media and mobile apps, range from smartphones, tablets and laptops to kiosks and even consoles such as TVs and other appliances, DVD players and game platforms. If it’s connected to the internet, it’s a channel of communication.

All of the channels lending themselves to self service options for customers have one thing in common: All require a bridge to a conversation with a real person in the event of a dead-end. Becoming stranded in self service not only frustrates the customer, it is frus­trating precisely at the moment when the company is presented with an important opportunity to differentiate the brand, strengthen the brand perception and build the customer relationship. For example, in the mind of a customer who’s stranded, a mobile app without a bridge to a live agent is an obstacle, not a service. That should say something about the importance of building in a bridge to a live customer service representative.

A useful conversation bridge offers a single technical solution for multiple channels. It solves the problem of self-service dead ends by allowing companies to integrate all self service applications with live agent access in the contact center without requiring the customer to endure extended hold times, start all over or repeat information. Instead, it provides in-the-moment customers with fast service through ASAP or scheduled callbacks. The intelligent call back software is the bridge that empowers the customer reach the resources they need at the time they need them for the ultimate customer experience.


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