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What is Customer Effort Score?

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Reducing a customer’s effort in communication, navigation and purchasing greatly improves their overall experience. In order to understand how much effort customers need to put in to complete these actions can be measured through CES, or Customer Effort Score. Let’s take a few minutes and review what customer effort score is and how you can benefit from improving it.

What is Customer Effort Score (CES)?

Customer effort score is a type of customer satisfaction survey that measures the ease of a customer’s experience. The goal of these types of surveys is to find out how much effort was used by using a simple scale (for example: “Very Difficult” to “Very Easy”.) Customer effort scores give companies data and insights into potential roadblocks that customers are dealing with, helping them to create and refine their customer journey so that it’s a quicker and easier experience. Customers are typically more loyal to companies who are able to solve their problems promptly and without issues, and even find enjoyment working with companies that meet these expectations.

Why Customer Service Centers Should Use CES

Traditional customer satisfaction surveys may provide some useful information, but it is often too vague to give customer service departments actionable, relevant data. Customer service usually is not involved with the issues that occur with products or services and can do little in making improvements in these areas. In contrast, working to improve the customer’s experience through customer effort scoring can have a lasting positive effect on vital aspects of business, such as brand loyalty and customer retention.

The Impact Customer Service and CES Can Have

Traditionally, a customer service rep’s main goal was to delight and “wow” customers. This was viewed as making the customer’s experience great. However, this has much less of an impact on brand loyalty and repeat purchasing than once thought. Customers are actually much more likely to make future purchases and be loyal to a brand when that company is easy to work with and offers them timely solutions. Instead of concentrating on the various ways to impress a customer, companies that focus on their customer’s experience and improving their customer effort scores will have better, meaningful results regarding customer loyalty and retention.

A customer’s effort / experience is one of the most important reasons why they will choose to return to conduct more business in the future versus trying out a competitor’s product or service. By understanding and utilizing customer effort scores, you will learn more about how to provide an optimal journey and experience for your customers, ultimately creating more loyal customers, brand advocates and future revenue.

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