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“VHT helps manage the call flows within peak and non-peak hours, giving flexibility and comfort to the agent.”

Samer Adnan Abdallah, Head of Contact Center

Client Situation

Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is the largest Islamic bank in the UAE. With a network of more than 90 branches, DIB found it difficult to remain committed to meeting and exceeding the needs of their growing 1.6 million-customer base.

Issues around decreasing service levels along with the lack of delivering quality customer satisfaction forced DIB to search for a new solution to combat their day-to-day contact center challenges impacting their most important part of their business – customers.

Abandon rate decreased 22%

11 million minutes of queue time eliminated in the first 8 months

Impact to the Business

The financial industry in general is plagued with an assortment of challenges related to the contact center, and DIB was no different. By failing to address their contact center issues, businesses such as DIB risk facing high percentage of abandoned calls, covering peak time periods with lack of resources, and most importantly, failing to achieve customer service excellence.


VHT helped DIB take control back of their contact center by implementing a callback solution. Once implemented, DIB immediately saw a dramatic decrease in caller abandon rate. In addition, DIB was able to achieve ideal service levels, increase customer satisfaction, and effectively manage contact center resources.

abandon rate

22% decrease in abandon rate

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Improved ASA by 32%

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An additional 144,000 customer calls were answered within their current SLAs

Real Results

DIB’s Head of Contact Center, Samer Adnan Abdallah, stated, “VHT helps manage the call flows within peak and non-peak hours, giving flexibility and comfort to the agent to better assist our customers with a high level of quality standards.”

Within 8 months of implementing this VHT solution, DIB saw a total return on their investment. More than 500,000 customer calls were treated by VHT, which generated over 250,000 callbacks. In just 8 months, DIB saved over 11 million queue time minutes. Lastly, the overall impact improved ASA by 32 percent, a 22 percent decrease in abandon rate, and an 11 percent improvement in Service Level. DIB was able to answer an additional 144,000 customer calls within their current SLAs.

Abdallah identified, “VHT helps increase customer satisfaction by not forcing our customers to wait while at the same time helps to reach the ideal service level.”

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