How Utility & Energy Companies are Saving Money and Winning Over Customers

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VHT products are successfully implemented in energy and utility call centers worldwide, and the results are in.

In the customer-focused energy and utility industry, it is vital that companies prioritize exceptional customer service.

Unfortunately, many utility companies have a reputation for bad customer service — plenty of surveys, including this one by VHT, put the utilities industry at or near the top of worst customer experiences. In the past, this bad rap didn’t hurt the bottom line for utility companies, as customers didn’t have a choice when choosing providers. But times have changed, and consumers increasingly have alternative options for utility services. This means the industry has to step up or lose out.

And many utility companies are indeed improving customer service.  VHT has been at the forefront of this, working with top companies like The Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Pepco Holdings and Exelon to architect and implement solutions that eliminate hold time and improve the customer experience.

Says Randy Gyory, SVP of Operations and Customer Affairs at Gas Works in Philadelphia, “VHT solutions not only help us improve the options we offer our customers, but they go a long way in making it easier for callers to connect with our customer service representatives.”

An analysis of VHT’s utility customers reveals the following annual improvements:

  • 5.7 years of hold time avoided – at 2¢ per minute, that’s more than $60,000 in savings
  • 56% improvement in service level during peaks
  • 57% fewer abandoned callers

Are you a utility company that would like to positively impact your bottom line?  Contact us to learn more.

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