Telecommunications Companies Eliminate Hold Times

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The ability of a company or organization to recognize our limited time and energy makes us like them even more. Whether it’s a phone call to the cable company or a check-in with your cell phone provider to make sure they’re, well, providing, we hate to waste time waiting for them to answer our questions.

According to a study from Mintel, 90% of customers have become angry or frustrated because of long hold times. In short, waiting on hold equals stress for us as customers. This frustration, however, can be easily eliminated.

Giving your customers the stress-free satisfaction they desire should be a priority, not an afterthought. Through VHT’s multichannel call-back solution, VHT Digital, companies worldwide are helping customers feel more confident and satisfied customer support communications. Our clients include top companies like Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile and AT&T, whose products impact the lives of customers on a daily basis.

Says Peggy Hammergren, Director of Customer Delivery at T-Mobile: “Giving our customers choices for managing their time is another way we are enhancing the level of service we offer. In addition to the customer satisfaction benefit, VHT allows our contact centers to maximize resource utilization and improve efficiency.”

Simply put, when customers don’t wait on hold, they’re happier and customer retention is more likely as they choose to continue their relationship with your company. And that satisfaction with a company can result in reducing average hold time (AHT). One VHT business customer saw a 15% improvement in AHT by implementing multichannel callback solutions.

Comcast Corporation, a leading provider of entertainment, also experienced an increase in customer happiness with the help of VHT.

During an annual customer satisfaction survey, one Comcast customer reported, “I just placed a call without the VHT system, and it was a nightmare; this system is so amazing! I tell all the other companies that put me on hold, ‘Why can’t you be more like Comcast?’’

Find out how VHT Digital can help your organization eliminate hold times and bridge the customer conversation gap.

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