VHT Showcases Conversation Bridge to Avaya Users at IAUG CONVERGE

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VHT has been an Avaya DevConnect partner since 2008 and is showing its support this week by exhibiting at the International Avaya Users Group (IAUG) CONVERGE Conference this week in Orlando, Florida.

IAUG is a fantastic place to connect, communicate and collaborate with fellow Avaya users from around the world. VHT is demonstrating its Conversation Bridge solution which bridges the gap between all self-service applications to contact center specialists who can help.

Most customer interactions start online or in a mobile app with self-service applications and customer workflows. But when customers run into a dead end, they need a quick and easy way to speak to a customer service rep, without starting all over by dialing a 1-800 number.

But even if you dial a 1-800 number, VHT ensures that customers don’t have to wait on hold. They can hang up and get a callback when it’s their turn, in the time promised.

These are significant customer experience enhancements…critical when a brand is trying to differentiate itself through better customer interations by lowering customer effort.

Pictured below is our guy Brent Burkhard at the booth today speaking with an attendee. Brent is a channel manager and works with numerous VHT partners, who are also Avaya resellers. This includes highly regarded organizations such as, NACR, DDV, SPS, Altura and The Burkhardt Group (no relation to Brent – although it gets confusing sometimes!)

Brent helps Platinum Avaya Resellers identify opportunities to help companies improve the customer experience and increase operational efficiency with VHT’s Conversation Bridge. It’s a simple solution, with huge impact. When it comes to customer experiences…experience matters and that’s why we work with many of Avaya’s largest customers.

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