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Which call center metrics should my contact center use?

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With metrics being on everyone’s mind at a contact center, it’s no wonder that contact center managers and executives are always looking for the best way to measure agents’ and the business’ performance. However, many contact center leaders report on metrics without knowing what (if any) insights they are gaining.

The key idea that all contact center employees need to realize is that not every metric should be measured. Contact center metrics don’t fit into a one-size-fits-all approach. So while there are some metrics that every contact center will want to review to get an overall performance picture, others remain as a better fit for providing valuable insights to contact centers of a specific size and industry.

Let’s review the following metrics and show you which types of metrics your contact centers should use:


Agent Metrics

Find out how efficient your agents perform at your contact center with the following metrics:

Abandon Rate

Average Handle Time (AHT)

a) Time handling calls

b) Idle time

c) Available time

Average Speed of Answer (ASA)

Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT)

Quality Assurance Scores (QA)

Service Level

Average Calls/Service Requests per Agent

Agent Days Worked: The number of days an agent works per month

      Workforce Optimization


Contact Center Metrics

Dive deeper into how well your cost center is performing:

Contact Ratio (AKA Call Conversions)

Cost per transaction (CPT)

Cost per Minute

Cost per Call

First Contact Resolution


Financial Metrics

Discover which financial metrics your contact center needs to review:

Attach Rate

Revenue Per Hour

Revenue Leakage

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