Workforce Optimization


Predicting inbound call volume is an inexact science, and although there are many tools at a workforce manager’s disposal, they use historical data, rather than calculating in real-time. Examples of the shortfalls of historical data are the blackout of 2003 and the financial meltdown of 2008. No one anticipated events of that magnitude, and therefore, no one could have predicted how to manage the number of calls received. Therefore, additional tools are needed to provide safety nets that ensure workforce optimization during these critical moments of high customer demand.


No one can predict the future, but when unforeseen spikes in call volume occur, VHT Callback is there to inform customers of the expected wait time, then let them choose to receive a callback in the time promised, rather than wait on hold.

VHT Callback is proven to smooth out peaks in call volume by dramatically reducing call abandonment. By doing so, less frustrated callers have fewer complaints about being on hold to agents, which increases the productivity of each call. VHT Callback also lowers average handle time, providing additional workforce optimization benefits.

AEGON USA Realizes Workforce Optimization

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