Call Center Metrics: First Call Resolution

Find out what first call resolution (FCR) is, how to measure it and more.

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A contact center’s ability to quickly and efficiently resolve customer problems, questions and needs is essential to a contact center’s success. This is why first call resolution is such an important contact center metric. First call resolution not only helps gauge customer satisfaction, it is also closely tied to customer loyalty, agent efficiency and overall profitability.

Although few contact center metrics are as important as first call resolution, it’s not always easy to measure. There are many variables that can impact the rate and multiple ways to define it. This becomes even more complex with each additional channel of engagement that is added. Yet, it remains important to work towards getting the most accurate first call resolution measurement and to implement improvement initiatives that continuously drive the rate up.


The Challenge

The concept of first call resolution hinges on a contact center’s ability to minimize transferring customers from one agent to another. While this is an important key performance indicator (KPI) of a contact center’s operational efficiency, it doesn’t provide a complete picture as it relates to the complete customer experience. With customers increasingly starting interactions on digital channels or in an IVR, the customer journey can be extensive even before reaching an agent. In other words, just because an issue was resolved in one call doesn’t mean the process was streamlined or seamless. Today, the focus is on first contact resolution across all digital and voice channels. In other words, the goal is to streamline customer interactions to not only minimize call transfers but also to reduce the number of channels used to obtain the desired resolution.


The Solution

While monitoring and measuring each step of the customer journey across every channel is important, continuous focus should be placed on strategies for simplifying the customer experience. One effective first call resolution strategy is to address the customer frustration of waiting on hold. Before entering the queue, VHT Callback informs customers of the expected wait time. It then provides them with the option to receive a callback in the time promised, ensuring the caller does not wait on hold.

Callback also helps improve other common call center metrics, too, including abandon rate, hold time and call handling time. By providing the customer an alternative to waiting on hold, you can greatly enhance the overall customer experience while also maximizing agent efficiency and preventing spikes in call volumes that lead to long hold times.


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Understanding and improving first call resolution is necessary for your company’s success. To learn more about first call resolution and how it can impact your business, check out the following articles:


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First call resolution is a metric that requires continuous improvement. Read this article to obtain strategies to understand the root causes of interactions not resolved on first contact. This includes both primary issues and hidden contributing factors that may be hindering your ability to provide the level of service that your customers expect. You will also gain fresh ideas to close gaps in service, correct inefficiencies and improve training and policies. Read it now


How to Measure First Call Resolution

First call resolution is essential for evaluating the overall success of your contact center. This indicator provides important insights to guide your operational efficiency and efficacy of your operations, as well as your customer experience. To make the most of this cornerstone metric, you need to determine how you will calculate your first call resolution rate and measurement criteria, such as the amount of time allowed to elapse between interactions to contribute them to first call resolution. In this article, you will also find out what tools you need now to capture the most valuable first call resolution data. This includes your CRM system, IVR system and more. Read it now


Customer Story: Improving First Call Resolutions

With 196 branches, 480 ATMS and more than 28,400 point of sale terminals, Banco Popular is Puerto Rico’s largest commercial bank. While dedicated to providing the best customer service, the bank struggled with staffing challenges and long queue times. With increasing hold times, high abandon rates, and not enough first call resolutions, Banco Popular knew they needed to make a change to meet their customers’ expectations and to achieve their business goals.

While searching for a solution to improve their customer service, they discovered Callback from VHT. By integrating Callback, improvements to their call center metrics and their overall customer experience were immediate and extensive. Read Banco Popular’s story

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