VHT Agent AssistTM

Enables Agents To Streamline Transfers And Escalations

The voice channel is still the most popular and preferred method of customer contact. Along with that comes waiting on hold and endless agent transfers. Shuffl­ing your customers from agent to agent can lead your customers to hanging up or becoming disconnected from the agent altogether. Customer experiences that include poorly executed agent transfers lead to customer frustration, revenue loss, and increased operational costs associated with repeat callers. With VHT Agent Assist, you can provide your agents with a real-time view of queue conditions and the ability to offer callbacks directly to the proper agent group.

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Agent Assist
  • Delivers a positive customer experience by reducing customer effort
  • Automates warm transfer experience
  • Gives agents additional information and options for handling caller transfers
  • Reduces abandons
  • Recaptures lost opportunities associated with hold times
  • Implements easily as web-based app, requiring no agent desktop install
  • Integrates into existing contact center infrastructure

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VHT is a great application, very versatile, and provides a great customer experience.”

IT Manager, Large Enterprise Consumer Services Company

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