VHT NavigatorTM

Today’s customer wants and deserves a simple, consistent experience across every channel. The ideal omni-channel journey effortlessly recognizes and guides your customers to the best outcome. VHT Navigator is a customer engagement solution that empowers the customer to get where they want to go while enabling your organization to navigate the experience in real-time and gather valuable details about your customers’ journeys.

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Why VHT?

VHT (formerly known as Virtual Hold Technology) has been positively impacting the customer experience for more than 20 years, delivering best in class virtual queuing and callback solutions. Our impact on the customer experience is unparalleled in decreasing stressful situations, exceeding expectations, realizing extensive operational benefit, and increasing NPS/C-SAT measurements.

Why Navigator?

VHT Navigator is a dynamic enhancement and driver of all your existing strategies addressing disconnected, cross-channel customer experiences. Navigator connects key moments and identifies real-time opportunities to navigate customers as they move across channels.

Navigator’s Benefits 

Cross-Channel Continuity

Deliver continuous experiences when switching across multiple interaction channels or devices

Proactive Engagement

Proactively engage with customers to keep them informed of important events

Dynamic Operational Processes

Transform static operational processing into dynamic business actions


Transform interactions into tailored, personalized experiences

What Differentiates Navigator?

Complements your existing systems;
No need to rip-and-replace

Add new channels as they are made available

Uses a single UI to simplify the process of orchestrating the customer journey

Leverage any contextual event data across any touch-point

Scalable architecture that can dynamically increase or decrease capacity as needed

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2017 North American Contact Center Software New Product Innovation Award


VHT Navigator offers a tremendous opportunity to help contact centers, globally, move from a cost-focus to a value-add focus. This signals a huge paradigm shift; from merely satisfying consumers to creating loyal, delighted brand advocates and ambassadors.”

Michael DeSalles, Principal Analyst, Frost & Sullivan

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