VHT Conversation BridgeTM Cloud

Conversation Bridge cloud is a cloud-based service that enables you to quickly and easily add a “Call Me” option (or callback widget) on your website. Exclusively available to VHT Callback premise customers, Conversation Bridge cloud has a convenient pricing structure that can allow companies of any size to implement Callback features into their website or mobile app.


Conversation Bridge Cloud Solution
  • Allow your customers to request a callback directly from your website or mobile app
  • Enable a dynamic experience without the need to create custom code
  • Reduce integration complexity by facilitating integration and configuration to VHT callback
  • Gain peace of mind with a layer of security to protect against malicious requests to the Conversation Bridge server
  • Save on overhead with a flexible and convenient license model
  • Ease dependencies requiring collaboration across interdepartmental silos

VHT has been an excellent product for our organization, from our customers’ perspective as well as the product performance.”

IT Professional, Fortune 500 Transportation Services Company


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