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Mobile Callback Enables Frictionless Contact Center Communication On Any Mobile Device

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A lot has changed since call waiting became a common contact center feature. For one, internet users have increasingly shown a clear preference for mobile devices. What hasn’t changed, though, is that no one wants to be put on hold. Not only is it a bad experience in a world where customer experience rules but studies have shown that poor customer experiences result in lost revenue. Not to mention, even a couple of angry customers can do damage to your company’s brand and reputation, a risk that’s not to be taken lightly in the digital age.

VHT’s mobile callback software changes all that. As a part of VHT Digital, our mobile callback solution makes your agents more informed for each call and prevents your customers from being put on hold even when there’s a large, unexpected influx of calls. To help you avoid frustrating your callers, VHT empowers your customers to request a callback via mobile app or SMS. Plus, customers can keep tabs on the status of callbacks with email and text notifications. With 90 percent of users switching devices while they’re browsing, researching, shopping and looking for support, VHT’s mobile callback helps you meet your customers where they are.


  • Empowers your customers to choose how and when they interact with your brand
  • Reduces the risk of disconnected calls and frustrated customers
  • Enables more positive interactions between agents and callers
  • Creates a seamless experience, regardless of the device your customers use most
  • Ensures every caller is treated with care, even during extended periods of high call volume

What is Mobile Callback?

Mobile callback technology enables mobile phone users to request an ASAP or scheduled callback through a text message or mobile application. For example, imagine a customer opens a company’s mobile app with a question about his or her account. Then, using the app’s option for callback, he or she chooses ASAP callback or selects a time for a scheduled callback.

If the customer requests a scheduled callback, they may schedule a call back at a more convenient time based on agent availability and configured business rules. Alternatively, by requesting an ASAP callback, the customer reserves a spot in the “virtual queue” and receives a call back as soon as possible.

On the other end, the call center receives the request and a service agent calls back at the appropriate time. By easily integrating into existing contact center infrastructure, mobile callback makes it easy for companies of all sizes to offer this feature to their customers.

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