The ubiquitous use of smartphones and other mobile devices is redefining the challenges of digital customer service. VHT Digital provides a seamless transition from mobile app or SMS to a live agent via SMS callback.

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Benefits to Your Customers

VHT has created a single bridge between self-service applications and the people who can help, resulting in an easy and consistent customer experience. By simply offering customers a connected journey – one that frees them from waiting, “cold” transfers, or the need to repeat information – they feel valued.

  • Allows your customers to gain control of their relationship with your brand, regardless of channel, through their choice of scheduled or ASAP callback options
  • Reduces customer effort by making it easy to switch channels without encountering dead-ends
  • Provides customers with email and text notifications on the status of their callbacks

Benefits to Your Agents

Approximately 70 percent of organizations surveyed rate the ability to track customer data in real-time as highly important. VHT can aid your agents by…

  • Seamlessly transitioning customers and their data from mobile channels to the voice channel
  • Empowering agents with real-time, contextual information regarding customer activity
  • Boosting their productivity by improving important metrics such as call handle times and first-call resolution

Benefits to Your Operations

Organizations using VHT benefit from the agility and simplicity of our solution; 86 percent of surveyed organizations agree that their customers are more loyal to their brands after implementing our callback software.

  • Uses advanced notification, scheduling, and interaction activity tracking options to help eliminate hold or wait time
  • Sends confirmations to help engage customers, ensure successful callbacks, improve caller connection rates, and reduce customer frustration
  • Truly agnostic: Integrates into your existing contact center infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud, within any single or multivendor environment
  • Easily and quickly deploys within new channels as your needs evolve, thereby enabling your existing and future omni-channel initiatives
  • Collects data for every interaction and maximizes returns through our suite of reports and metrics focused specifically on multi-channel callback applications

How It Works

VHT’s CX platform provides centralized virtual queuing, configuration, and administration. The platform includes web service interfaces and libraries for iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms, making it easy to integrate callbacks for digital devices.

What is SMS Callback?

SMS callback is contact center technology that enables an end user to use their mobile phone to send a callback request via text message. To initiate the callback request, the customer sends an SMS with a pre-specified word or phrase. This request is routed to a service agent or call center infrastructure. Once the request is received, a live agent will call the end user back at the specified time. Users can make an SMS callback request to be fulfilled as soon as possible, or they may schedule the callback for a later time.

If the user requests an ASAP callback, they will be automatically routed into a virtual queue. Once all the people ahead of him or her in the queue are served, a service agent will initiate the call back.

Because SMS callback allows customers to easily schedule calls with companies through a simple text message, both service agents and customers enjoy a more seamless experience.

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