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Customers are already sending text messages to your business phone numbers. But how many? What are they asking? What do they want? Let VHT monitor your business phone lines for text messaging activity and solve the mystery.

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89% of consumers want to connect with businesses through text messaging.

Your customers are waiting for you to respond. We know this to be true because we’ve already started monitoring inbound texts to select clients. We’re measuring thousands of incoming texts from customers. Some are asking for a callback at a later time. Some need help with products. Some just have simple questions. All of them are using a method that is preferred by them and less expensive for you.

We can easily move 1% of your call volume into a lower cost for you with a more rewarding outcome for your customers. And, this requires virtually no effort from you. VHT’s platform is already capable of monitoring, routing, and integrating text messaging into your customer response activities. No separate service or software is required.


Toll-free numbers included

Keeps interaction history intact

Integrates with existing IT stack

Transition from voice to text

Time-shifted for better scheduling

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