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The cable industry is on the leading edge of marketplace disruptions. More and more customers are unplugging their cable boxes in favor of content-streaming set top boxes like Roku and Apple TV, improving customer retention and dealing with rising programming costs are more important than ever. Add to that the fact that cable companies traditionally rank among the lowest in customer satisfaction, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index out of the University of Michigan, and addressing the customer service complaints becomes paramount. The current process, however, is costly and this puts a damper on growth and new customer acquisition.



Waiting on hold is eliminated when customers call in for technical support or with billing inquiries, thanks to VHT Callback. Instead of complaints to agents and on social media, cable companies get compliments for their customer-focused efforts.

In addition, cable companies who use VHT Digital on web pages and in mobile apps allow customers to skip the IVR completely by requesting a quick and easy callback from a customer service representative in the contact center. Dialing 1-800 toll free numbers is no longer necessary. Additionally, frustrations like navigating voice menus and waiting on hold are gone for good. When cable companies improve customer service with callback software, customers respond with their loyalty.

Last but not least, cable companies have a unique competitive advantage they can leverage – the cable box. Sitting in your customer’s living room is the next generation channel of communication for consumers everywhere. With VHT Digital, cable customers can request a callback from the contact center, directly from the set-top box using their remote.

Customer Success Measures

Since mosts callbacks are answered in 16 seconds, whenever VHT is treating calls, the impacts are:

Average speeds to answer were reduced from 5.5 minutes to 2.4 minutes during periods when VHT was greeting callers.

Over 9.8 million additional callers were answered within service level goals by using VHT's cable callback solutions.

VHT saved over 5.1 million callers from abandoning the queue. VHT was able to reduce the abandon rate from 14% to 9%.

“Having a digital handoff to VHT supports digital first initiatives and promotes higher NPS.”


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VHT has helped cable companies improve experiences for over 20 million customers. Download our PDF to see more cable industry stats.

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