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VHT has been the world’s #1 provider of callback software for over 20 years. Not only does VHT offer a callback on the voice channel, we help brands offer a callback in their customer’s channel of choice. That means your customers no longer have to wait on hold, have to repeat information or be tangled up in the IVR. VHT helps you make an effortless transition from your digital channels to the voice channel.

Just last year…

Over 217 million consumers received an improved experience with Callback

2.1 billion minutes of hold time were eliminated

Customers saw a 50% reduction in abandonment rate

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The Struggle Businesses Face When Integrating Cutting Edge Tech Into Their CX Strategies

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With so much pressure on customer experience (CX) today, business leaders may be tempted to toss any promising new technology into their CX strategy.  It’s easy to see the possible advantages these products can offer, but it’s much harder to estimate the amount of effort required to turn possibility into reality. In fact, a Wipro …

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