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VHT is the innovator in enhancing the customer experience. We deliver an advanced suite of agile software solutions — on-premise or cloud-based — designed for brands of all scope and size to optimize customer experience and streamline cross-channel interactions.

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Best Practices

Best Practices

Chatbot To Live Agent: Bring Life To Incomplete Interactions
There will always be scenarios where the capabilities of chatbots reach their limit. Your contact center should be prepared to easily transition the customer to a knowledgeable live agent. Download our PDF to learn how to best handle these handoffs.

White Paper

White Paper

The Digital Era: The Evolution of the Modern Contact Center
How can companies adapt to the needs of their customers in an environment that is constantly being transformed by continuous waves of new technologies? Read our white paper to learn more.

Callback Cloud

Callback Cloud

Get Up and Running Quickly with Online Billing
Callback cloud works without any additional technology or infrastructure investments. After a short sign-up process, businesses can offer callback by simply providing a dial-in number or deploying a widget on their website or mobile app. It works with the existing customer service number of the business.

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  • Where to Begin When Choosing Your CX Software

    Where to Begin When Choosing Your CX Software

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