Mobile Customer Support Lags Behind Mobile App Innovation

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The proliferation in mobile device usage has inspired remarkable innovations in mobile applications. Take the banking industry, for example: consumers can now deposit checks and transfer money directly from a smartphone app rather than driving to a local branch. The home security sector is another example offering simple yet significant mobile solutions. Homeowners can use a mobile app to enable/disable security, as well as access security cameras. Smartphone users have widely embraced these new mobile capabilities, with over 50% accessing their mobile apps over ten times per day.

With all this mobile usage, what happens when users encounter problems on an app or mobile website? 72% of people  have experienced a problem while conducting a mobile transaction. 78% of mobile  users report using apps for customer service reasons. Are companies meeting this customer demand for mobile support?

As it turns out, most businesses don’t have a mobile customer service strategy. A recent study by the Customer Institute Management Institute found that only 25% of companies have a mobile customer service strategy while 33% are in the planning stages. That means 42% of companies have no solution for offering mobile customer service.

Memo to businesses: it’s time to get serious about mobile customer support. Why? Because it’s the desired customer experience and necessary for customer engagement. 50% of smartphone users prefer to use a mobile customer service application to resolve their issue before calling into a contact center (Source: SpeechCycle and Echo Research Study).

When mobile users need support, the last thing they want to deal with is a toll free number and a voice menu that forces them to repeat everything. At VHT, we’ve designed a mobile customer support solution that meets the preferences of mobile users. With VHT Digital, mobile users can access apps to find out the expected wait time for phone support and request a callback. They can fill in account and other details so that customer service reps have all the information required when calling back to resolve the issue. The result: better customer experiences, satisfaction, and retention.

Have you experienced — as a customer — excellent mobile customer support? Share your story with us!

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