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The Role of the Call Center Callback in 2019

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In 2019, when people have questions, they turn to Google, social media, or other digital channels for instant answers. This is one of the main forces driving their ever-rising expectations, and this remains true when they call into customer service. They expect to be answered quickly, so keeping customers on hold, especially for extended periods of time, creates a poor experience for them. Call center callback is the best solution to meet these expectations.

What is Contact Center Callback?

Callback is technology that gives users the choice to have their called returned at a later time instead of forcing them to wait on on the phone in a queue. When all agents are unavailable to speak, the caller is prompted with this information and notifies them that their call will be returned. Agents are notified of the call and given the necessary information the caller entered.

Instead of waiting on hold, callers can go about their day until their scheduled callback from the customer service agent.

How Does Callback Improve Customer Experience?

Waiting on hold is one of the top reasons customers attribute to frustration, especially when the time they wait extends past what they expected. By not forcing customers to wait on hold, their experience improves, leaving them more satisfied. Service agents have the information they need to properly prepare for the callback, which gives them the opportunity to solve customer issues faster and more efficiently.

Customers who wait on hold for too long also tend to be more difficult to deal with, especially as frustration and emotions grow. This can cause customers to leave the holding queue before they speak to an agent, just to call back in at a later time. These actions increase the rate of repeat calls as well as the contact center’s overall call volume. Implementing a callback system is a great solution to this problem, allowing agents to focus on customer needs, resulting in an increase in FCR.

Why Call Center Callback Is Important in 2019

Customers expect more from their interactions with companies (especially customer service) each year. Information is readily available to them through multiple devices at any time they need it, and it’s normal for them to expect this from customer service centers. By forcing customers to wait on hold, you risk them leaving the interaction, possibly going to competitors for the answers they’re looking for.

One thing customers want and expect more than anything else from companies they choose to do business with is an effortless experience, no matter their means of communication. Companies that adapt to this expectation will have the best chance at thriving in the future, especially compared to others that don’t.

Call center callback is an essential tool for contact centers to use in order to meet customer expectations in 2019. With all the advancements in communication technology, forcing customers to wait on hold will surely push them away and degrade their experience.

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