VHT CallbackTM

VHT’s Callback Software Reduces Customer Effort, Improves Operations, And Enhances The Customer Experience

The number one frustration customers express is long hold times. Despite appropriate planning and forecasting, contact centers regularly experience unexpected influxes in contact center volume. This leads to your customers becoming frustrated as they wait on hold. With VHT’s Callback software, you will relieve customer frustration and avoid losing potential revenue by giving your customers control over their customer journey.

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  • Allows your customers to gain control of their relationship with your brand
  • Saves your customers time otherwise spent waiting on hold
  • Makes each individual customer feel valued
  • Aligns the appropriate resources specific to your customers’ defined needs
  • Improves Average Speed to Answer, abandon rate, and SLAs
  • Improves customer loyalty and your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Provides a first call resolution strategy to address customer frustration
  • Integrates into existing single or multivendor contact center infrastructure
  • Mitigates negative impact of unexpected peaks

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The VHT (formerly known as Virtual Hold Technology) solution is cost-effective and easy to implement and support, whether on-premise or cloud, giving companies a simple solution to improve operational performance.


With VHT, we are able to provide an option for our customers to continue with their day without having to wait on hold.”

Line of Business Manager, S&P 500 Energy & Utilities Company

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