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Manage Call Volume to Minimize Customer Frustration with Callback Software

The number one frustration customers express is long hold times. Despite appropriate planning and forecasting, contact centers regularly experience unexpected influxes in contact center volume. This leads to your customers becoming frustrated as they wait on hold.

With VHT Callback, you will relieve customer frustration and avoid losing potential revenue by giving your customers control over their customer journey without harming contact center efficiency.

77% of consumers say that VALUING THEIR TIME is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service.

Allow Your Customers to Gain Control of Their Relationship with Your Brand

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Save your customers time otherwise spent waiting on hold

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Make each individual customer feel valued

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Align the appropriate resources specific to your customers' defined needs

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Improve Average Speed of Answer (ASA), Abandon Rate, and SLAs

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Improve customer loyalty and your Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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Integrate into existing single or multi-vendor contact center infrastructure

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Mitigate negative impact of unexpected peaks

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VHT ASAP™ Callback

Holds the caller’s original place in a virtual queue, allowing them to hang up rather than wait on hold

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VHT Scheduled™ Callback

Gives callers the option to schedule a callback at a more convenient time

After Hours Callback

Captures and automates after hours requests

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