VHT CallbackTM Cloud

Expose callback services to the entire business for enhanced customer experiences across any channel.

Deploying Callback cloud makes it easy to implement callback strategies quickly and affordably.

With customers coming at you from every direction – phone, web, social, etc. – it might seem like you have to just pick a channel or two to optimize and ignore the other channels, letting them struggle. With VHT’s cloud-based solution that integrates all of your communication channels across all business units, regardless of size or infrastructure, you can optimize the customer experience and avoid the possibility of your customers leaving.

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Callback Cloud Solution
  • Improve customer experience in strategic and demonstrable ways
  • Gain reliable cost-effective cloud-based services that integrate with your contact center to achieve operational efficiencies
    • Smooth unwanted spikes in volume
    • Lower agent talk time (AHT)
    • Optimize workforce utilization
    • Reduce overall ASA
    • Enjoy service-level attainment/stability
  • Enable rapid deployment of callback experiences across channels via powerful APIs
  • Instantly access new features and capabilities as they are made available

With VHT, we’ve lowered abandon rates, lowered ASA, and provide better guest experience.”

Todd Rioux, IT Systems Analyst, WestJet Airlines LTD.

VHT Callback Cloud Solution


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