VHT Conversation BridgeTM

Multichannel Callback Bridges the Gap Across Digital Channels and Voice

Customer engagement through digital channels continues to grow, as the use of web chat, social media, and mobile apps increase. Customers who rely solely on these communication channels will likely find themselves at a dead-end and be forced to start over on the voice channel. VHT Conversation Bridge provides the ability for your customers to request a callback through any digital channel, such as mobile or web.

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Conversation Bridge
  • Allows your customers to gain control of their relationship with your brand regardless of channel
  • Reduces customer effort by making it easy to switch channels without encountering dead-ends
  • Informs the agent in real-time about customer information specific to their requests
  • Improves agent productivity by reducing call handle times
  • Integrates into existing contact center infrastructure

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VHT Conversation Bridge allows your customers to request a callback directly from their channel of choice. Channels options include:

Web SMS Social Digital Mobile


Multichannel callback is software that eliminates hold time by providing callback for end users, website visitors, and customers initiating interactions on the phone, web, mobile, text, smart TV, or gaming console. The concept is simple: an end user requests an ASAP or scheduled callback from their device and the call center or service agent receives the request.

Depending on what type of callback the user requested, a service agent will call back either as soon as possible or at the user’s requested time slot.

Because multichannel callback software integrates with contact center platforms and voice callback systems, call centers can easily track customer activity. This helps service agents provide a better experience for end users because they can quickly reference contextual information about the customers they’re talking to.

Multichannel callback effectively bridges the gap across digital channels and voice, enriching cross-channel interactions for customers and agents.


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