Customers’ preference for digital channels, including social media, to facilitate their customer service needs is on the rise. To meet customers’ demands, VHT Digital, eliminates the dead-ends and allows your customers to request an agent callback from your social media pages.

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Benefits to Your Customers

The context of customers’ inquiries is often lost during the transition to the voice channel. That’s why VHT has created a single bridge between self-service applications and the people who can help, resulting in an easy and consistent customer experience. By simply offering customers a connected journey – one that frees them from waiting, “cold” transfers or the need to repeat information – they feel valued.

Benefits to Your Agents

By providing the crucial context behind every connection, VHT enriches your brand and strengthens your customer relationships.

  • Seamlessly transitions customers and their data from social channels to the voice channel
  • Empowering agents with real-time information before a connection is even made
  • Boosts agent productivity by improving important metrics such as call handle times and first call resolution

Benefits to Your Operations

Organizations using VHT benefit from the agility and simplicity of our solution; 86 percent of surveyed organizations agree that their customers are more loyal to their brands after implementing our callback software.

  • Uses advanced notification, scheduling, and interaction activity tracking options to help eliminate hold or wait time
  • Sends confirmations to help engage customers, ensure successful callbacks, improve caller connection rates, and reduce customer frustration
  • Truly agnostic: Integrates into your existing contact center infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud, within any single or multivendor environment
  • Easily and quickly deploys within new channels as your needs evolve, thereby enabling your existing and future omni-channel initiatives
  • Collects data for every interaction and maximizes returns through our suite of reports and metrics focused specifically on multi-channel callback applications

How It Works

VHT’s social callback solution does what it sounds like: It bridges the gap between social media and voice, making cross-channel interactions effortless for both your customers and your agents. Specifically, it allows the insertion of pop-up “call me” options within your social channels; your visitors can choose either a scheduled or ASAP callback, including an estimated wait time for the agent’s call.

VHT’s CX platform provides centralized virtual queuing, configuration, and administration. The platform delivers insights and product level integration to leading call routing platforms and desktops.

What is Social Callback?

Social callback is a functionality that allows visitors who are on a company’s social media channel, such as Twitter or Facebook, to request a voice call without leaving that social media page. To make things even more convenient, the visitor can schedule a time to receive the call or request an ASAP callback.

With an ASAP callback, the visitor’s spot is held in a virtual queue, which means that the visitor will be called back as soon as the customers ahead of him or her are served. In other words, their spot in line is saved for them until it’s their turn, at which point, the call back occurs.

Whether it’s a scheduled or ASAP callback, the visitor has a much better experience because they don’t have to wait on hold. Social callback also enables brands to insert “Call Me” options within their social channels, enabling a more seamless experience from digital channels to voice.

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