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Long before the rapid growth of digital channels, solving customers’ problems was a hallmark of good business. But, as the popularity of digital channels has grown, so has the difficulty of providing a seamless customer support experience across those channels. To eliminate that burden, VHT’s web callback software, VHT Digital, removes the gulf between your support team and the customers browsing your website.

And this is no small feat, considering that 58 percent of consumers who complete an interaction through live service started on the web.

Our web callback software leverages a variety of features to ensure your customers feel valued. In fact, your customers never have to be put on hold again because VHT equips them with the option to schedule a callback. Moreover, real-time data, available at your customer support agents’ fingertips, enables your representatives to solve problems quickly and effectively by leveraging contextual information about the customer. For example, on any given call, your agent already knows what web pages the customer was browsing before they called in.


  • Improves the customer support experience for website visitors.
  • Your customers can always find a human to talk to.
  • Makes support agents more effective with real-time customer information.
  • Easily integrates into existing call center infrastructure.
  • Puts the customer in control of their interaction with your brand

This all culminates in richer, more positive interactions between your customers and your agents. Because your customers should enjoy an unparalleled customer support experience on every channel.

What is Web Callback?

Web callback is software that enables website visitors to request a call from the site they’re visiting. With web callback, a customer may visit a website, fill out a contact form, and request a call back from the company who owns that website. On the other side of this interaction, a service agent receives the request, along with any other information that the customer filled out, and calls the customer back at the appropriate time.

With VHT’s web callback solution, users may either request an ASAP callback or schedule a callback at a later time.

Also, because web callback integrates with existing web and voice infrastructure, service agents and contact centers receive additional information about users, such as which web pages they’ve recently visited. This makes for a more meaningful and context-rich interaction between callers and service agents. As a result, web callback provides a more seamless transition from a website interaction to a phone call.

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