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Online commerce is an exploding market. 24/7 connectivity is making customer acquisition more difficult than ever, and in retail, there are zero-moments-of-truth, when you need to have the right offer at the right time in order to convert the sale. Any hesitation or obstacle that impedes your customers’ momentum will lead them into the arms of the competition.

Retailers who are able to resolve issues and answer customers’ questions in the moment are the ones who will increase revenue and customer retention. Unfortunately, digital shoppers don’t always have a bridge to the resources that can help them. The result? Abandoned shopping carts and customer defections. The common option is to offer them a Contact Us page with a list of toll-free numbers. This forces the customer to start over, repeating information and waiting on hold – ultimately driving them away.

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When customers have trouble online or in a mobile app, connecting them to a real person as quickly as possible is key to converting the sale. And although chat is an effective tool, according to Forrester Research, approximately 30-40% of the time, live chat does not resolve a customer’s issue.

VHT Digital enables a simplified customer experience that seamlessly transitions customers to voice at key moments during an interaction, and provides agents with context for the call. With a voice escalation strategy in place, you eliminate frustrating digital channel dead-ends.

Customer Success Measures

Since mosts callbacks are answered in 16 seconds, whenever VHT is treating calls, the impacts are:

Average speeds to answer were reduced from 11 minutes to 3.5 minutes during periods when VHT was greeting callers.

Over 3.4 million additional callers were answered within service level goals by using VHT's retail callback solutions.

VHT saved over 1.8 million callers from abandoning the queue. VHT was able to reduce the abandon rate from 25% to 8%.

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