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In the highly competitive world of airline travel, keeping customers happy is the difference between soaring profits and being grounded, and customer satisfaction levels can be impacted by a multitude of unexpected or uncontrollable variables. Weather delays or mechanical difficulties can affect important plans and tight schedules, making an already stressful situation even worse for customers. How airlines respond to factors outside of their control will determine customer loyalty. One of the primary factors is waiting on hold.

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To improve customer retention, travel, and tourism organizations need to analyze every step along their customers’ journeys, and find and remove any obstacles impeding customer progress. Customers can start booking travel or accommodations online, switch to a mobile app, and then wind up making a phone call once they’ve exhausted all their online options.

For example, imagine a traveler finds himself stranded overnight when a flight is cancelled. Exhausted and frustrated, the traveler attempts to book a hotel, but is having trouble getting a confirmation on his mobile device. He calls the hotel’s customer service line, but the agent does not have any details about his situation.

With VHT Digital, the traveler could have been given a simple means of connecting him with a live agent. He would have been greeted by an informed agent that was already aware of what he is attempting to accomplish and what steps he has taken thus far.

By simplifying the customer journey and guiding customers toward the most efficient path, VHT Digital creates a smooth customer experience that will satisfy customers and agents alike.

Customer Success Measures

Since mosts callbacks are answered in 16 seconds, whenever VHT is treating calls, the impacts are:

Average speeds to answer were reduced from 10.6 minutes to 3.7 minutes during periods when VHT was greeting callers.

Over 21.6 million additional callers were answered within service level goals by using VHT's travel callback solutions.

VHT saved over 7.5 million callers from abandoning the queue. VHT was able to reduce the abandon rate from 31% to 14%.

“With VHT, we’ve lowered abandon rates, lowered ASA, and provide a better guest experience.”


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