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Many utility companies face regulations that mandate certain service levels. If not met, fines and the risk of other punitive actions exist for the utility company. Regular billing cycles produce predictable busy periods, while weather-related outages can create chaos in the calling center at any time. During a power outage, customers’ only option is to call in.

All this, plus the advances in meter technology can lead to enormous call volumes, and managing both the anticipated and unexpected demands can take their toll on workforce optimization. Efforts to improve customer service will reduce complaints to the public utility commission, which saves your business time and money.

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To avoid fines for inadequate customer service, many utility companies have turned to VHT Callback as a key part of their customer experience improvement initiatives. Allowing customers to get a callback instead of waiting on hold alleviates frustration, improves average handle times and reduces call abandonment. Utility customers may also schedule a callback for a time that’s more convenient.

In addition to callback options, VHT offers customers the flexibility to transition between an app, website and phone call, without having to repeat their information each time they switch. More and more utility providers are offering self-help options online and in apps, and VHT Digital lets customers tap for a callback when they need additional support. Because VHT integrates the app to the contact center, all of the customer’s data is submitted with the callback request, eliminating the need to make a phone call, start the process over and wait on hold. It’s a simple solution with huge impact.

Customer Success Measures

Since mosts callbacks are answered in 16 seconds, whenever VHT is treating calls, the impacts are:

Average speeds to answer were reduced from 5.7 minutes to 2.6 minutes during periods when VHT was greeting callers.

Over 5.2 million additional callers were answered within service level goals by using VHT's utility callback solutions.

VHT saved over 806,000 callers from abandoning the queue. VHT was able to reduce the abandon rate from 14% to 6%.

“Customers who opt for a callback are not nearly as annoyed or angry. They have had time to focus on something other than waiting.”


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VHT has helped utility companies improve experiences for over 10 million customers. Download our PDF to see more utility industry stats.

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